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Friday, 30 November 2007

2mths plus 1 dae never update liao. Actuaally also nth much to blog abt. Our members watched stardust and enchanted, though not all 5 of us.

Stardust was fine
3.5/5 stars

From the big fat red cross, you know the show is C.M.I ( quoted from wt)
1/5 stars

Monkey and mx are working. Wt and me slacking at home . Ziqi as usual band! Elaine exams!

Doraemon was here:):) (gotta go, nobita is in trouble again)

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Monday, 1 October 2007

29 Sept 2007, Saturday.

Yo people.

Met Jia Hao, Eden, Daisy and Weiting today. We headed Holland V after we all of us had reached.

So sad la. Rachael, Zi Qi, Si Ying didnt join uss. =(

Oh btw, am posting in class again. HAHA

Actually i didnt want to post, but ive nth to do except to wait for my Resident Evil Extinction to load finish. HEHE

Although that is no audio, no sibei tiong speaker, da visual effect is still theree. =)

Digressing, after we got there, we went ahead to look for settlers cafe.

Frankly speaking, that was my first visit to Holland V. Damn Suagu. HAHAH.

Da place is beautiful! Much more happening than town la.

Shit la, forgot to take pics over theree.

Anyway, found our way there. Settle down, order our food and wait for our games to be SERVED!

Kinda lazy to explain da details. Pai Seh ah.

This is something like Heart Attack. Just that we need to collect complete sets of same no. cards, then gotta snatch da bone. There's 5 of us, but only 4 bones available.


Anyway, we had much fun over there. Da thrill of da games is enough. Super gan jiong one lo.. HAHA

Some buggers even spill da drinks, bone flew away loo. AHAHA.

As da clock ticks away, more and more ppl stepped into da cafe.

2hrs up and we left da place..

Without knowing where to go next.

Daisy wanted to go clubbing. Eden wanna do grinding. HAHAA.

But Weiting and I didnt want to splurge.

Tight ah. Budget. HAHA.

So, we walked back to Buona Vista subconsciously.

As we walked, we're toking about class 3.

1990 batch gotta wait till 21st, then only eligible for da practical leh. PUI!

But why doesnt tat apply for bikes?

Funny laa.

Isnt bikes much more dangerous than cars?

I mean, do u see da disparity?

Bikes do have accidents too what. And I think da case is much more higher than car accidents lo.
Representatives from T.O.M.L said they wanted to take bike license once they reached da minimum age of 18 yrs old.


Imagine, Hmm.. 13? or more bikers riding on da road? AA can?

Then another bugger from T.O.M.L says,

Aiya. T.O.M.L all humji one la. You think they dare to take challenge from other bikers meh.

Wah i swear, if i am in their clique, i confirmed whack them with my slipper.

Then we're saying if all of them are on da road, then they have to carry a tag on their bike saying,

We're Guai Gia!


But i think that's cute laa.

500cc bikes with da tag. I will laugh like siao can?


Hai. I miss those days yaann . .


Reached Buona Vista, still no idea on going anywhere.

So we just board da train.

Subconsciously, we reached our hometown.


Slacked around CWP.

WTF are they doing? LOL.

Went to look for Ji Xu to get poker cards from her, but she wasnt wrking. =(


Went to 7/11 get some drinks then went to da back of the mrt station and slacked.

I wonder who started da topic on ghost. HAHa.

We're like more and more engross into that topic.

Talk about Xiao Gui, Die xian etc etc.

Da most gross and creepy one was about da movie Exorcism of Emily Rose.

$%^&*&%^$%$ KUKU one leh.

I dont even rmb theres such movie until JH talks about it.

I cant rmb da details but i rmb watching it.

Super creepy i swear!

As we're chatting, da lights went dim.. then dimmer, then almost all shut off.


Then we move to other place to tokk.

Talk till almost not a single shadow seen.

My eyes can hardly opened..

So shag loo!

They suggested coming over my house to ton.

Luckily they came over my house, if not i dont think i'll ever dare to head home myself..

W A L K leh! Siao meh.

Skalli Emily Rose is waiting for me at da pathway to my house.

KUKU. Confirm Swoon at da sight of her . . . hmm. vicious face.?

HA! Of course not la! OF HER BEAUTY LA!

SO scary laa. Besides, da street is kuku dark loo. JH was trying to scare da freak out of us otw bk to my house..

We were actually indignant towards his act lo.

U old geezer!!

K, i was just kidding. HEHEHEHE.

Seriously, if i were to walk home SOLELY that night, hmmm. I need to bring along grenade incase i really bump onto her.


Got some drinks for them, then we had some games.

HAHA. Sorry for them. Coz ma bro was sleepingg, and they had to soften down their voice..

Eh, my bro thought we drank beer and smoke la. He said he smell liquor.

CHAM XIONG leh. We dont drink, neither we smoke lehhh. =)

Took some pics and clips during da games.

Fun la, but UBER tired.

Hmm. Long limbs.

Shes got an O GI on her face.

UBER CHIO RIGHT!! Her hair looks soo.. sooo.. flowery!!


Hes got boobs and hips! Ok, no hard feelings pls people. I know, tts abit unconvincing.

A duo of lovebirds dancing chirpily.. with all da grace of a ballet dancer. HAHAHA.

A relish for dancing? Ok, dont curse me, dont whack me.

*Sneeze* WHOA. Fast ah. HaHA.

Aiite, that's all folks.



it's one of us ! @ 10:16 PM

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Hey people. Am posting in school.
Sorry not using personal laptop, so couldnt upload pics. =)

Having IT lesson now. Before lesson start proper, by looking at ma tutor's face, i already had that ominous feel.


2 hrs had gone. 2 hrs more to endure. Super kuku boring. I cant stand it. He was resolutely chanting away can?

While he is chanting, im staring at da desktop.

Theres a slip of paper sticking onto da desktop, writing,

Anyone caught tampering
with the computer peripherals
(eg: unplugging of network cable, mouse, etc)
will be subjected to DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS.

Initially i still tot why da wastage of papers. Who da hell would mess around with this kind of shit?

But now . . Im enlightened.


This module seriously C.M.I.
You can do anything, ANYTHING that you've nv thought of doing in ur life during this lesson.

Because it is damn kuku H#@$%^&YH$ boringgg.

Bleach leh? Let me eat bleach and die can . .
Use my bottle and whack on my face leh. PLEASE??

I was almost declared dead on the spot la.

Ok, something that at least make my day in this lesson.

Was viewing Xiaxue's blog. Saw da 200 pound beauty actress's pics.

Then my classmate asked,

Danny: eh mx, ur friend ah? intro leh. **asked with curiosity and anticipated voice**

Mx: u see her last time pics. **visit her blog and you'll understand**

Danny: HUH?? **shock plus sian ji bua expression**

Anyway, met Ziqi and Rachael ytd. Went for dinner then they came over to my house. They spent almost da whole night looking at my sis's wedding pics. HAHA.

This yr's lantern festival so dull. Dont think we'll be celebrating. Unlike last yr, hehehee. So happening laa..

I miss it, miss them.. =)

Will be passing Girl Girl's present today. Going to meet him later.

I like da Tee alot! Apparently, hes going to like it too.

So much for my effort! =D

Anyway, looking forward to this weekend! HEH!
Hopefully it will turn out to be a hap one.

PS: Take note, HAP. Meaning happening. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Aiite, shall go on no more.

To Siying and Weiting, dont be too stressed over ur Promos, yall will be joining us real soon!
Friday meeting shall resume by then. =)

And we miss u, Elaine! =)

Good day!


it's one of us ! @ 9:56 AM

Saturday, 1 September 2007



HAPPY 348's DAY!

31.08.07, a day to mark for.

We're supposed to meet at 11.30. But later on, changed to 12. HEHE.

Super shag la! I was rushing right from da start. So much things cropped up last min.

But ai zai ma. HAHA! I rush all da way to cwp and meet them up.

First i met Siying, then went to look for big Jiahao, Girlgirl and Jamess. Just by one glance, can immediately point out where they are..

Why? They are so distinctive from da crowd la.

Sorry, but that's not a praise. =)

Ok, boarded da Merz, chauffeur picked up Weiting, and we headed Woodland Sec.

Nothing new. But it seems like everyone in there are freshmen. Could not even recognise one. Alien look. HAHA.

Went up to da hall. Hai. Saw someone. That really affects my mood la. KUKU. I hate that kind of feeling man.

Hmmm. Saw da rest of TOML and Daisy! Big reunion man. HAHAHA! After that, had a lil chat with Mdm Phua and Mr TPY.

Gossip with Mdm Phua a lil abt da 'big thang' in WDL sec. Basically, that's us. There's more to be known.. HEHE.

Actually kinda disappointed, because we didnt get to see da 'big stars'. Our main purpose there is to see them, but hmm. Didnt manage to fulfill it.

Got a lil bored, so off we go. We went back cwp, then headed town.

HEHE. Spend almost da whole trip playing 1 2 3 4 5, wat number is this. HAHAHA!

Kuku game la. But sorry la, I BS Ziqi asked those riddles da other days. So i got this hardcore one to retort! HAHAHA.

They damn pek cek la. HAHAA! Hey ppl, i took 3 to 4s to ans it leh. So proud of myself. =D

Got off at Orchard, went to Wisma for breakfast aka lunch aka dinner. Miser right? HAHA. During our meals, we cont with da kuku game.

Stay there till early evening, then off we went to shop to clear our stomach.

We headed Wheelock, looked around and bought Ziqi's stuff.

After which, we went up ahead to Wisma. Browse through Project Shop, didnt get anything either. Then went to City Chain. Da watch that I wanted to buy was slightly steep. Yet they only offered 10% discount.


Took some pics there. HEHE!

After that, we headed Taka. We went so many shops, but eventually did not get much thing that we want.

But I still bought da legging im yearning for a zillion yr. HEHEHE!!
After Taka, that's Tangs. Ziqi saw a belt she wanted so much. But da shop does not hold da size she wants. That sucks man. Yea i Know Qi.

Here and there. There and here. We each had our things to buy, but did not see da one thing that we're eyeing for. Sad la.. =(

We walked till night time, then we headed back WDLS. Chauffeur dropped Weiting somewhere as she had to meet her brother.

Da journey left da 3 of us. Got back cwp, Sy and Qi bought some snacks and eat.

Joke of da day.. mx is a lovely pig

Yearning for sushi.. But we came too late le, not much sushi left. Basket..
So we headed Cold Storage, da pics below looked as if we're buying groceries. HAHAHA!
Bought da snacks, and off we head home!
I guess da next update will be Qi's concert? HAHA.
Goodnight all.

it's one of us ! @ 10:47 PM

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The 2nd ! very 2nd 348's photo story !

Okays. start of the story.Story titled : Mei Xian the Star, Si Ying the Supporter


Don't prepare popcorns or drinks ok? Because the story would be super lame and it's so lame that you might not be able to even swallow the sip of drink you may take.

Mei Xian the Star.

In the living present. A new star is borned.

*whistle* Mei Xian, age 17, full time 348 star.

woots. When there's a star, there's a fan.

There you go. A fan of MX, the forever superstar ! Heyhey.
Fan : age 16+ . Full supporter of Meixian. Kills to get an autograph from mx.

Everyday, mx and her manager would be sitting somewhere, going through the day's schedule.
This routine never fail.

Hm. Star and Manager. ^^

And. there.. sitting at the other end of the room is the little miss supporter.

Little Miss supporter is back at her very own routine too.

Everyday in school, her friends would tease at her.
Everyone in class except her have gotten an autograph from Meixian.

Back at her own routine, venting her sadness for not meeting Meixian on food.
Eat Eat Eat ~ Munch Munch.

But ! Eating is not the only thing she does. She is very aware of who is beside her and all.
She hoped, by being aware of who is beside her would create a higher chance of her seeing Meixian on the street.

To Little Miss Supporter's Surprise ! .. .. ..

*Ping Pong* Meixian is only sitting next table ! *Ping Ping Pong*

Little Miss Supporter is in luck today !

Then. hm. hm. what comes next?!

The star don't feel right..

Of course the star don't feel right. LOOK AT HER RIGHT !
Fans Fans Fans.

Ahs. Spotted. “杀气很大” Lols !
So.. Meixian decided to run !

Mei xian looked at her Manager for help.
- tee too tee too-

Bloody Manager on phone.

Mx gave the manager a you're-helpless look.

And ran off.

Poor Poor Meixian.
She didn't know Little Miss Supporter trained herself in running so fast that she can race with a Porshe ! 10s in a 100m race ! Bing Bong..

Caught in split second. Uh-Oh.

Superstar decided she cannot run away this time like she used to run away from this particular Little Miss Supporter all the time. xD
So.. Without any choices. She..

Surrendered. White Flag up ~ *pee por pee por pee por*
Finally finally . . .
The Little Miss Supporter is FINALLY going to get her autograph book signed by Ms Superstar !

Lucky Supporter, Poor Superstar.

What a Creepy Supporter.T

hen then ~ this time, Little Miss Supporter knew it was her chance.
Her chance to show her classmates that she got something they don't.
She asked Superstar Meixian to take a picture with her !!
Well ~ Suprisingly, Superstar agreed almost at once ! *hm*

Yays. But no yays too.
Little Miss supporter isn't happy.
=/ why ?

Why why why ? That's the question.
WHY ?!

Hehe. Some reasons for you to choose.
(I can't make up my mind which is better =/)

1st : Little Miss Supporter thinks that superstar mx very "欠打" because, when she ask for autograph, superstar mx gave that sian look. But when she ask her to take photo, mx smile till so "灿烂". Lols

2nd : Little Miss Supporter spent so much time to get superstar mx's autograph, but it was so much easier to get her photo. LOL !

3rd : Little Miss Supporter suddenly remember she left her food on the table. She spent $9.90 on them !

4th : Little Miss Supporter realized she should have asked superstar mx to sign on the picture instead of the autograph book.

5th : *yawn*

Ok. And after the photo-takings..

They went off in the different ways.
Ping Bong. Story ended. =/

Suddenly, but ya. Ended. Laaaas ~
A story with totally no storyline at all.
That's the way ya ! That's the way.

348's 2nd story. Woohoo ~

Okays okays ! Credits -

Plot and Story by : Qi
Director and Photos by : Siying, Meixian and Qi
Beautiful Girls : Si Ying and Mei Xian

Little Miss Supporter : Si Ying
Forever Superstar : Mei Xian

Hey Heys ~

That's the end of what happened at Dinner.

I'm waiting for the day. The Day that whole 348 take part in the photo-story.

Haha. Will be a totally 348 trend !

Cheers ya.

Good Night !

it's one of us ! @ 11:53 PM

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